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Those boxes

How I wish I can have those boxes as early as now but it's hard. What I'm taking about are window boxes planters, garden window boxes, and window flower boxes. They're just so nice to look at with beautiful flowers in it. I just keep seeing them in the nearby garden shop. I can them if I really want to but I need to consider that we don't own a house yet. We're just renting and when the time come that we need to move out, it's hard to move too many stuff. Window plant boxes and any other plant boxes are a not easy to carry when it's already full of soil and plants obviously.
Actually that's not my point. Our place for now is not big enough to have window plant boxes. In fact, we don't have windows. How funny I just realize that? No serious windows that we usually open and close everyday. Only glass wall that we can see through outside. Window plant boxes are some kind a old fashioned but beautiful. Old houses in my country usually had those boxes. So…


I love butterflies as in that's why I insisted to go back to Melbourne Zoo last April to take pictures of the tiny beautiful butterflies at butterfly house.
Two years ago I think when we went there my camera was not really good to take pictures especially for moving object like butterflies and animals. Since I got my Canon 1000D, I was so inspired to take pictures and travel everywhere. I ignored the hot temperature inside the butterfly house just to take photos of the butterflies. It was successful. I love the outcome. I can't find huge butterflies there just like what I've seen when I was young in our province. I kept chasing butterflies back then and that was memorable.
I remember when I was young, younger than today hehe, some people were buying butterflies. They'd catch them by using a huge net and I was envious because I myself wanted to catch butterfly too. But now I realized butterflies are not meant for catching and then being killed. According to my Grandma, t…

Struggling with mathematics

Do you need Math homework help because you're struggling at this tough subject? I think huge percentage of the students nowadays need help to solve math problems because they find it very difficult. I just read it in a survey.
I am pretty amaze to those students that can live on Math. They're so gifted that they do not need any math help either of a mathematicians or via internet. Well, you can now avail Free math help in the internet as well as
Free homework help if you want to understand math by yourself.

I got a friend who's son was really behind with their math lessons. Instead of doing the math level for the grade he's into, he does the lower level because the kid still needs a lot to catch up. My friend already hired a private tutor and I don't have updates how it goes. I just hope she's not wasting money for it because her son is very fussy and hard to teach. Many tutors already give up on him. I'm proud to say that my kids don't struggle with math…

Mobile Pictures

While waiting for my kids doing Martial Art lesson/Taekwondo, me and my little one ease boredom by taking pictures. Well actually I can't go out from our car because my son was sleeping at first. After few minutes he woke up and yeah we're playing my mobile camera. I took many pictures of myself and I didn't realize he was joining me at my back. One hour of waiting and we're just inside the car counting the how many trains passing by. Yeah the place is nearby train station and we parked on the side road but not on the side of the railway waahh just kidding.
I made silly facial expressions, wacky faces, smiles etc2x. So much of talking blah blah. Here are some of the mobile uploads.

And here my blue belters came laughing at me taking pictures and making silly faces. So I took picture of them.

It was nice and lovely day with beautiful sunset with rays shining on my highlighted hair. So I took picture of the beautiful sky, as beautiful as me oh I mean my feeling of the day.


Waiting for the rain

I miss those days that I let myself get wet under the rain. On well younger days is somehow lovely to cherish. Yeah I love playing under the rain with my siblings when we were little. I also remember that my late father put rain chains in our backyard and in our front yard that will transport rainwater downwards to our big storage container. Actually, I just realize recently that those things are called chains rain.

By the way, the rainwater that my late father collected before was used to water our plants especially when we experienced long drought season. We kept waiting for the rain before. We collected rainwater for household usage in short and it really helps.
Nowadays, rain chain has huge selection of different styles and they're really beautiful. It adds beauty to every garden. There are rain chains accessories too. One day if we can already buy our own house, I will surely get rain chains to store water and to beautify my garden.

Beauty shots

Taking photos of myself is one way to ease my boredom. During those days that I had nothing to do, I just put on some make up and done my own hair. Dress up nicely sometimes and then smile on my camera. I usually do self portraits using the remote of my camera. Click here and there. Smile here and there. If I'm really in the mood I can really get good shots of myself. Sometimes not so good but not bad too. I just love playing my camera every time I see beautiful things like flowers and unique things.
I even wanted to upgrade my photography gadget but not a good timing yet. Hoping for the best in the next future. Maybe tomorrow, maybe on the next day, next month, next year whenever. Here are the latest beauty shots I've captured. Just myself and I hope you find it beauty hehehe!!!

Limited space for waste

We had two big bins before. One for recyclables and one for non-recyclables. But now we only got one small for non-recyclables and one huge for recyclables.

Actually, I really like the idea of the council with this changes for better
waste management in Australia. Oh well, for now I can say that I can sort out well our garbage due to our limited space of bins. But I like it because it made responsible in managing our household waste.

I also found out about Veolia
skip bins Melbourne. It is said to be good for any household or commercial business because it can provide skip bins and skip hire solutions across a wide range of dry and solid waste streams, including; food, paper & cardboard, plastics, furniture, whitegoods, batteries, timber & construction waste, confidential documents, furniture, electric equipment, garden waste and electronic waste. Veolia is such a good recycling solutions. It even can provide solutions for businesses who wish to operate a recycling service; th…