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Blog Domains Expired

I've been hosting my blogs using my own paid hosting servers for years already. That's why I can't get active in this blog. Using your own hosting servers has a lot of advantage when you do paid blogging. But nowadays paid blogging is not doing well anymore. It's kinda not worthy to pay hosting because the earnings is not enough anymore to cover the annual renewal. I had two blog domains expired already and I have to pay extra to redeem them. It's sad because those are doing well and I can't even retrieve my contents. My and blogs. It is
linked in my twitter. Now someone is using my blog using my pen author name. How irritating is that? Everytime he or she is posting in that blog, the posts automatically appears in my twitter page which I have to delete right away. It's also my fault anyway because I didn't think of the consequences before neglecting and letting that blogs to expired. I am not interested to renew or redeem the…