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The Job Hunt

In the old days, it was always though to find a job.   A job hunt meant walking for hours each day in a busy metropolis to find a job. I had that bad experience myself of going around different office establishments trying to find a job.  Of course, the saddest part about it is that rejection is harder to take when you are tired and often times dazed.  It is a good thing that they invented the Internet.  Along with the Internet came the advent of a new form job hunt.  Hunting for an IT Position is quite easier when you don't even have to leave home.  
Gone are the days when you have to walk along a busy street and beg for a job in nearly every establishment that you have to visit.  You can now sit comfortably at home and just visit job sites.  Any job is not too hard to find.  You can even search for jobs in other countries.  

Lucky Enough

Some people are born so lucky. Born rich, born beautiful and most of all born happy. Why can't we just be all the same? No more porblems, nothing to worries. Am I refering to human now? Ridiculous huh? Well just some thoughts come to mind.
I got this friend who told me about winning in lotter. Another friends friend telling she won the jackpot in the casino. I wanted to ask if how much she lost before she got the jackpot but don't want to ruin her moment. I happened to watch a movie which one of starring actress friend was hooked in  online casino and use other people for her benefit. Most of us are aware how bad gambling can do to people if they they lost control. There are responsible gamblers and those irresponsible are mostly problematic people. This is like actually a very entertaining game that can lead some people to misery if they'll allow it. Know your limit and no harm will be done.