Those boxes

How I wish I can have those boxes as early as now but it's hard. What I'm taking about are window boxes planters, garden window boxes, and window flower boxes. They're just so nice to look at with beautiful flowers in it. I just keep seeing them in the nearby garden shop. I can them if I really want to but I need to consider that we don't own a house yet. We're just renting and when the time come that we need to move out, it's hard to move too many stuff. Window plant boxes and any other plant boxes are a not easy to carry when it's already full of soil and plants obviously.
Actually that's not my point. Our place for now is not big enough to have window plant boxes. In fact, we don't have windows. How funny I just realize that? No serious windows that we usually open and close everyday. Only glass wall that we can see through outside. Window plant boxes are some kind a old fashioned but beautiful. Old houses in my country usually had those boxes. Some of them we hanging and some just below in each window and it really add the beauty of their house.


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