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Birthdays and more...

First week of the month last September, my second child celebrated his 6 years old birthday at his school. Just simple cake candle blowing and cake sharing.

Second week it's my eldest son turn to celebrate his 10th year birthday. Since Sept 19 was weekend, we were able to celebrate it at home and invited some friends. A simple plan turned into a big one.

And then last week of the month of September 27 was my youngest turned to celebrate his 5th birthday. It was just us family on that day because the day before that was the biggest celebration. Party for all the celebrants in our group of friends. All celebrants blew candles and it was fun night for adult and kids.

Three birthdays in one month within our family plus or wedding anniversary and father's day on the day before my second child's 6th birthday. We attended function, parties etc. What a busy month and it is over.

Business stall

My friend is planning to have a stall in the coming Filipino fiesta. Well actually she been doing it for three years and this time she want to make a difference. I think it's not just a simple stall because she's now in the process of inquiring how much stanchions, velvet rope and barricades cost. Is she planning to sponsor a concert that she needs those crowd control stuff? Well, she's a function and party organizer so maybe she was just asked to get those things. I didn't see any of those things in her house so it's for her client. I was just thinking it's related to her plan for her business stall for the coming fiesta. We will try to attend the fiesta because it will be our first time if ever. They said it cost a lot so we need to prepare. I'm just hoping the crowd control to the said fiesta is well managed because I'm scared of stampede. Who don't?

Playing pokies at home?

Have you heard such a thing? If you don't then now you will know that you can play pokies in the comfort of your own home. All you need is your computer and your internet connection so that you can play online pokies. Have I tried? Oh well not yet. I prefer playing in actual and spending my own free pokies credits. Oh they're saying you can play free online pokies too and you can win jackpot as well? Does it sounds interesting to you? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a gambler to make it clear. Yeah I played pokies but I'm not hooked on it and I'm still in control. I never know this thing before and it's not really bad as what other people said about gambling. As long as you know your limit, you can be a responsible gambler, I mean pokies player.

Medical outfit

I was dreaming to become a nurse. I am fascinated with their outfit, the nursing uniforms scrubs. I find their medical scrub really cool. But when I think of their job always involve blood, I had a second thought and I said to myself that the thing was not for me. I'm just so scared to see blood. Even a little blood from my own small wound makes me dizzy and gives me nauseous feeling.
One time I asked a relative who was also a nurse if where did they get their medical uniforms. He said some bought it in a scrubs stores and some had their medical scrubs made from tailoring shop. I don't have idea there are scrub stores and I don't even know before that they called their uniforms medical scrubs.
One time, I stumble on a site that sells designer nursing scrubs, designer nursing uniforms, and surgical scrub hats. The name of the online store is blue sky scrubs and guess what? Their collection of scrubs were really cool, stylish and in fashion. Maybe I can have them for fun and …