Waiting for the rain

I miss those days that I let myself get wet under the rain. On well younger days is somehow lovely to cherish. Yeah I love playing under the rain with my siblings when we were little. I also remember that my late father put rain chains in our backyard and in our front yard that will transport rainwater downwards to our big storage container. Actually, I just realize recently that those things are called chains rain.

By the way, the rainwater that my late father collected before was used to water our plants especially when we experienced long drought season. We kept waiting for the rain before. We collected rainwater for household usage in short and it really helps.
Nowadays, rain chain has huge selection of different styles and they're really beautiful. It adds beauty to every garden. There are rain chains accessories too. One day if we can already buy our own house, I will surely get rain chains to store water and to beautify my garden.


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