Mobile Pictures

While waiting for my kids doing Martial Art lesson/Taekwondo, me and my little one ease boredom by taking pictures. Well actually I can't go out from our car because my son was sleeping at first. After few minutes he woke up and yeah we're playing my mobile camera. I took many pictures of myself and I didn't realize he was joining me at my back. One hour of waiting and we're just inside the car counting the how many trains passing by. Yeah the place is nearby train station and we parked on the side road but not on the side of the railway waahh just kidding.
I made silly facial expressions, wacky faces, smiles etc2x. So much of talking blah blah. Here are some of the mobile uploads.

And here my blue belters came laughing at me taking pictures and making silly faces. So I took picture of them.

It was nice and lovely day with beautiful sunset with rays shining on my highlighted hair. So I took picture of the beautiful sky, as beautiful as me oh I mean my feeling of the day.

Still got more photos but I think it's too much to upload. You might get bored of my face. Wink!


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