Medical outfit

I was dreaming to become a nurse. I am fascinated with their outfit, the nursing uniforms scrubs. I find their medical scrub really cool. But when I think of their job always involve blood, I had a second thought and I said to myself that the thing was not for me. I'm just so scared to see blood. Even a little blood from my own small wound makes me dizzy and gives me nauseous feeling.
One time I asked a relative who was also a nurse if where did they get their medical uniforms. He said some bought it in a scrubs stores and some had their medical scrubs made from tailoring shop. I don't have idea there are scrub stores and I don't even know before that they called their uniforms medical scrubs.
One time, I stumble on a site that sells designer nursing scrubs, designer nursing uniforms, and surgical scrub hats. The name of the online store is blue sky scrubs and guess what? Their collection of scrubs were really cool, stylish and in fashion. Maybe I can have them for fun and use scrub hats for my own fashion.


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