Birthdays and more...

First week of the month last September, my second child celebrated his 6 years old birthday at his school. Just simple cake candle blowing and cake sharing.

Second week it's my eldest son turn to celebrate his 10th year birthday. Since Sept 19 was weekend, we were able to celebrate it at home and invited some friends. A simple plan turned into a big one.

And then last week of the month of September 27 was my youngest turned to celebrate his 5th birthday. It was just us family on that day because the day before that was the biggest celebration. Party for all the celebrants in our group of friends. All celebrants blew candles and it was fun night for adult and kids.

Three birthdays in one month within our family plus or wedding anniversary and father's day on the day before my second child's 6th birthday. We attended function, parties etc. What a busy month and it is over.


  1. wow..glad to have a happy family ..
    have kids funny ...your life is complete..


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