Flat tyres

I had troubles with my car in the past few weeks. I thought it was just easy as filling up airs. Yeah air because it was flat tires trouble. I noticed after three to four days since I filled airs, it was gone flat again. I kept coming back to gas station for nearly a month. It's not normal anymore. Something's wrong with my tires. So I went to the nearest and known auto repair service center to have it checked. They've done it for an hour and figured out that there was screws on my two tires that made it flat gradually while I'm using my car. Who could have done it to my tires? Was it just an accident? I smells something fishy with the last auto repair service center we went because every time they rendered service to us, another car trouble will follow. Well, I will not go for their service anymore if so. I'm happy driving now with ease.


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