Locking mailbox

Isn't it annoying when someone invade the privacy of your letters in your mailbox? That's the problem that my neighborhood were dealing a month ago. One of our neighbor caught someone removing the stamps of their letters and checking on each of our mailbox.

I wonder if those cluster mailboxes, apartment mailboxes and community mailboxes are safer that the mailboxes we had. Maybe it's better to change into new one that no one can invade. As of now, each of us has key for our mailbox. We need to lock it for safety purpose due to what we had experienced with our mails. Silly people nothing to do but trespass others property.

I think we have no escape if some people really want to do nasty. No matter how you protect your belongings, they will invade it if they want it.We can't avoid some things to happen. All we need to do is to be prepared and understand the unstable thinking of other people.


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