Lockers for safety

I am surprised if you have lockers in your house because this is only used in establishments. When I was studying the solution of not bringing my stuff are school locker. It was fun because I have a little cabinet in school. Were I was free of painful shoulder. The good thing about having locker is you will only pay for a very minimal amount for the whole year round. My hubby usually goes to the gym and the first thing I looked for is gym lockers so that he could leave his stuff. Where he can bring new gym outfits and take home the dirty one.

Lockers are usually made of steel and it would really depend on your padlock to destroy it. Have you ever seen wood lockers? I have not seen one so far. If lockers are for establishment only actually I am thinking of putting it on our house. So funny, just kidding! As the life on the internet goes on this site has lockers for sale if just in case you need one.


  1. I prefer plastic lockers than the metal ones Why? They are rust proof and easy to clean.


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